Housing Headlines

Alabama ranked 12th in nation for delinquent mortgages


A recent study by Corelogic, a global property information and analytic provider says Alabama is ranked 12th in the nation for delinquent mortgages.

Uh-oh: Most millennials don’t know about closing costs


Two out of every three millennials planning to be homebuyers don’t know what closing costs are, says a recent survey. But, millennials are hardly alone in this regard. Approximately 34% of all ages also know little or nothing about closing costs.

What First-Time Buyers Should Look for in a Starter Home


First-time homebuyers must make tough decisions to match their expectations with their budget. Here are some things to consider:

What Millennials Want in Home Might Surprise You


Expectations remain high that millennials (those born in the early 1980s on up to the early 2000s) will enter the housing market in greater numbers soon. So what were some of the key features they are looking for in homes?

ServiSolutions celebrates its first decade of loan servicing

AHFA’s ServiSolutions Celebrates 10 Years and $3 Billion in Loans


On March 1, 2015, ServiSolutions®, the mortgage servicing department of the Alabama Housing Finance Authority celebrated its first decade of home loan servicing and exceeding $3 billion in total loan volume. AHFA Executive Director Robert Strickland said, “The growth of ServiSolutions®, and as a result AHFA, continues to be an extraordinary journey.”