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AHFA's FY19 Annual Report

January 06, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of our FY19 Annual Report.

Our work shows us every day that affordable housing transforms communities and drives local economies. Since 1980, AHFA, a self-supporting public authority, has helped more than 73,000 Alabamians purchase a home and has provided funding for more than 48,000 rental housing units. You’ll find more information about our work in FY19 further in this report. 

We also highlight some of the Alabamians we’ve helped over the past year -- people like Bird Shi, who needed to buy a home for his family of six and could only do so because of the down payment assistance provided by our Step Up program. You’ll also hear how affordable rental housing has changed the lives of a family of three after they experienced periods of homelessness moving from Florida to Alabama. These are the people behind the numbers, and they are the reason for the work we do. 

The report also contains a link to our financial statements.

We hope you enjoy reading our FY19 Annual Report. Thank you for your support!