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Shaqueta Vessie, Talladega

Talladega Family Impacted by Childhood Cancer Benefits from Mortgage Payment Assistance

On March 3, 2017, Shaqueta Vessie left work on Friday thinking she would be back Monday for another normal work week. Then her world was turned upside down after her then 7-year-old son Kyan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia over the weekend. She never returned to work, ultimately quitting her job to look after Kyan and ensure he got the treatment he needed.

Although her husband was still working, the family of four became a one-income household with medical bills rapidly piling up. Vessie heard about Hardest Hit Alabama and contacted them for more information. A counselor worked with her throughout this hard time to get the family approved to receive mortgage payment assistance.

Vessie has since been able to go back to work, although they still have a long road ahead with Kyan's treatment and the accompanying bills it brings. She talks about how mortgage payment assistance from Hardest Hit Alabama helped her family: