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You are never too young (or too old) to learn about financial literacy!

What is financial literacy? And how do we teach our kids?

Well, financial literacy boils down to understanding how to successfully use financial skills. So, we at Alabama Housing Finance Authority hope to inspire and empower kids of all ages to make real life, personal finance decisions. 

Remember, you’re never too young, and it's never too late to learn about financial literacy.

Adventure with Annie and Bud


Join Annie and Bud on the farm and learn about Needs VS Wants

Learn about coins of the United States from Bud and practice counting them.


Let's Learn About Needs Vs Wants coloring pages

Fun with Freddy Finance

Freddy finds some spare change. What should he do with it? Spend? Or save?


Financial Literacy Scramble: Unscramble the letters to form a word. (for ages 8+)

Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

On April 30, AHFA hosted a class for children and grandchildren of AHFA staffers. They learned about needs vs. wants and good saving habits all while having down-home fun at Halcyon Farms.