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AHFA Launches Financial Literacy Campaign

April 12, 2022

At Alabama Housing Finance Authority, our mission is to provide homeowner and rental opportunities for Alabamians. During Financial Literacy Month, we want to announce the launch of a campaign that is key to the long-term success of the families we work with - financial literacy!  

We are excited to announce the launch of our Financial Literacy campaign with specific content for children through the creation of the AHFA Kids page on our website. Adult education focused content can be found in the homebuyer and renter sections of our website. 
Our new AHFA Kids campaign will provide a wide range of smart, engaging, and fun content that will give Alabama kids new ways of handling and understanding money. Additionally, our Investing in You series will focus on content created for adult Alabamians covering five key principals of financial literacy: invest, save, spend, earn and protect.

Financial Literacy principals apply to all stages of life in unique ways, at AHFA we believe families can work together to stay educated about money.