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Supportive Housing

Beginning in 2016, AHFA expanded multifamily programs to provide additional funding and incentives to create affordable rental housing for Alabama’s extremely low-income, homeless, and special needs populations.  Additionally, AHFA encourages ongoing partnerships between the development community and the Alabama Balance of State Continuum of Care (CoC) and its member agencies to house homeless populations at the local and regional level.   

See our Interactive Map for a list of newly constructed and renovated projects that have set-aside units to meet supportive housing needs. The map contains the number of set-aside units with management contact information, local service providers, and Alabama CoC office locations throughout the state. 

Partnerships – The Key to Supportive Housing Initiatives 

AHFA designed a point preference for developers to set aside at least 7% of HOME and LIHTC financed units for persons who are homeless or with disabilities. Units must be actively marketed and rented to households with at least one tenant with a disability or a tenant transitioning from being homeless. An approved marketing and preference plan is required at the time of application along with an memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the owner/developer and the CoC, or local service provider(s). Through this incentive, AHFA is promoting a statewide commitment to provide affordable housing. 

Results to Date:

Next Steps:

Learn how you can help foster a partnership with developers, CoCs, and service providers to permanently house those with the greatest needs: 

Contact AHFA at [email protected] for additional information on how you can help foster a partnership.

Housing Counseling Agencies 

This Interactive Map shows HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that received 2019 HUD housing counseling grants to assist individuals and families in finding affordable rental housing or make more informed homeownership choices.