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Development Spotlight | Village at Blackwell Farms, Jasper

July 01, 2020

Development Info:

The Village at Blackwell Farms, located in Jasper, offers 48 one- and two-bedroom, single-story, garden-style units for seniors aged 55 and older.

AHFA Funding Sources:

$1.29 million in HOME funds (2011) and $712,514 in Housing Credits (2011)

Amenities/Tenant Services:

The Village at Blackwell Farms offers a number of tenant services, including a monthly calendar, a newsletter of important happenings and reminders, as well as regular luncheons and movie/game days.

“I am only required to do 3 luncheons a year, but I do one every month for my residents,” said Property Manager Danie Parsons. “They all know our pot luck is the last Friday of the month. They truly enjoy this and look forward to it. We do different themes each month, and the tenants are wonderful cooks!”

Manager Testimonial:

Parsons said that the development’s smaller size enables her to connect with the residents.

“I like to know my residents,” she said. “I had a pest control technician tell me that he didn’t know any manager that spoke to their residents like I do and call them all by name. I think it’s important to have a good relationship with your residents.”

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all. However, managing an affordable housing community of elderly residents presents unique challenges during this time.

“I wouldn’t say that COVID-19 has affected my work, but more so my connection with the tenants and applicants,” said Parsons. “We have had to do some procedural changes as far as wearing masks when a tenant has to come in the office, and only allowing residents to come in if it is absolutely necessary. Practicing social distancing is different, but needed, and we have done our best.”

Throughout the changes, Parsons said the residents of The Village at Blackwell Farms have been understanding and cooperative.

“I think it has impacted them in different ways,” she said. “For the most part, I’ve seen them out and about less often than I used to. A good handful of them like to walk/exercise around the complex, and I haven’t seen many do that. They have been very conscious about staying safe so I feel like they are more understanding of our changes with our policy during this time.”

While group gatherings are on hold in the midst of the pandemic, Parsons strives to keep the residents engaged.

“I’m used to doing monthly activities with my residents and going from that to none at the moment has been challenging,” said Parsons. “I do try to speak to as many as possible if I see them out to just check on them and their health. I’ll make a point to poke my head out of my office door if I see them checking their mail. It is amazing how you can brighten someone’s day just by asking how they are doing. We stay a safe distance away, but I have to try and engage with them as best as I can.”