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Third-Party Fees

Applicant will be required to pay or reimburse any third-party costs incurred during the application process as it pertains to the review of the environmental report(s) submitted by the applicant and resulting from changes in the application, which may result in additional third-party fees being incurred by AHFA, including without limitation, legal fees, architect and engineer's fees, consultant (construction or otherwise) fees, and environmental fees etc. In addition, AHFA may, at its sole discretion, require applicant to provide advance deposits and require an increase or replenishment of such deposits, in amounts sufficient to cover all third-party costs that AHFA reasonably anticipates incurring under this paragraph. 

Environmental Extension Penalty

A fee will be charged in the amount of initial reservation fee paid for each project that accepts a current or future year allocation of Housing Credits under Section (IV)(I)(7) of the HOME Action Plan.