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Progress Reports

During the pre-construction and construction phases of the project, either the ownership entity, development entity or another designated organization must provide evidence satisfactory to AHFA that the project is progressing as stated in the application. Evidence is provided through completion of the Progress Report.

Progress Reports are due quarterly to AHFA for all approved projects until the development:

  • reflects (100%) physical completion for two consecutive quarters if lease up less than 100% or
  • the Low-Income Housing Credit Allocation and Certification (IRS Forms 8609) have been issued

If the Progress Report is due prior to construction commencement, updated site photos are required to be submitted as assurance that no “choice limiting” activities have taken place.

Progress Report Quarter due dates:

  • 1st: March 31st due by April 15th
  • 2nd: June 30th due by July 15th
  • 3rd: September 30th due by October 15th
  • 4th: December 31st due by January 15th

Progress Reports are completed electronically and submitted online through the AHFA DMS Authority Online system. To request permission to access and/or start the Progress Report process, visit

Please check this page for notices, updates and additional instructions pertaining to Progress Reports.