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Student Spotlight | Justin Thomas, The Palladian

September 04, 2018

In 2000, the Alabama Affordable Housing Association (AAHA) created a scholarship program for residents of member-owned apartment properties in Alabama. The scholarship funds are donated by the owners, contractors, architects, accountants, property management companies, investors, lenders, developers, and various vendors that make up AAHA’s membership as well as other non-member individuals. Since its inception, the AAHA resident scholarship fund has awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships.

Meet Justin Thomas of The Palladian Apartments in Mobile:

Justin Thomas is confident and self-assured with an easy smile; a driven young man who expects to go far in life. An AAHA resident scholarship of $1,500 is going to help him get there.

Thomas started his freshman year at Auburn University in Fall 2018. “I have zero scholarships to Auburn, but it’s my dream school,” he said. “So, $1,500 is a help. It will pay for books and part of my room. It’s going to help a lot.”

He plans to major in kinesiology—a broad field of study that should provide plenty of career options. With work experience from a children’s entertainment venue and volunteer experience with the Rodney Hudson Foundation and local pet adoption charities, he’s well on his way toward building a resume for a job as a camp director or activities coordinator.

“What I want to do with my career is own a boys and girls club,” said Thomas. “I was a member of a boys and girls club for three years. It really impacted me. I made a lot of friends.”

Thomas was encouraged to apply for the AAHA scholarship by his mother Shanavie Thomas and Elaine Blackburn, manager of The Palladian.

“I’m nervous about being on my own,” said Thomas. “It’s always been me and my mom, and she’s always had my back through everything I’ve done. Being by myself, that’s going to be new and different, but I’m excited for the freedom.”

For more information about the resident scholarship program, please contact Arrice Faught, AAHA’s executive director at [email protected] or 205.758.1158.