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Student Spotlight: Nima Badri, Palladian Apartments, Mobile

December 01, 2021

Meet Nima Badri of Mobile:

Nima Badri was selected to receive a 2021 resident scholarship awards from the Alabama Affordable Housing Association (AAHA).


Badri is a 2019 graduate of Baker High School currently attending the University of South Alabama. He expects to graduate in the spring of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. “Many people do not care for school and those who come this far into college just do it for a degree,” said Badri in his scholarship application. “On the other hand, I care for more than just a piece of paper saying that I was able to complete it for some extra money in the future. I actually enjoy the atmosphere and being able to learn more information than I did yesterday. One thing going to college has done for me is open my eyes to so much more potential for learning as I get to see and be around so many people that are all studying different things.”

Career Goals:

He said, “I currently am looking forward to becoming a software engineer, and I am currently trying to find any internships in this field as well. However, I do still plan on going forward with my education and go for my master’s as well. I am still looking at what kind of research I want to do and which university I want to attend, but this will be my main goal when finished up with my undergraduate.”

Impact of Scholarship:

“Especially with COVID-19 coming around and tearing apart so many families such as mine, having this scholarship will help relieve some stress off of my shoulders,” said Badri. “I have been working for the past couple of months, and all my money has been used to help pay bills for me and my mom and also to help with my student loans.”

Living in Affordable Housing:

“I would like to thank everyone at [AAHA] for helping out communities like mine to further their education,” said Badri. “Throughout my entire life, I never really excelled at anything and was pretty average. But anytime I had a goal in mind, I was able to accomplish them. When I am given a task or see anything that needs to be done, I always go towards the harder tasks just to prove that I can complete them for myself. Academically when I am told something will be difficult, I will try harder just to prove that no matter how hard something may seem with time and effort you will succeed.”

In 2000, the Alabama Affordable Housing Association (AAHA) created an education scholarship program for residents of member-owned apartment properties in Alabama. The scholarship funds are donated by the owners, contractors, architects, accountants, property management companies, investors, lenders, developers, and various vendors that make up AAHA’s membership as well as other non-member individuals. Since its inception, the AAHA resident scholarship fund has awarded more than $750,000 in college and vocational scholarships. 

For more information about the resident scholarship program, please contact Arrice Faught, AAHA’s executive director, at [email protected] or 205.758.1158.