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Student Spotlight: Yasmin Nearor, Wynnchase, East Brewton

August 02, 2021

Meet Yasmin Nearor of East Brewton:

Yasmin Nearor was selected to receive a 2020 resident scholarship award from the Alabama Affordable Housing Association (AAHA).


Nearor is a 2019 graduate of W.S. Neal High School currently attending the University of Montevallo. She is now in her second year of college, pursing a bachelor’s degree in theater with minor studies in business. “I’m a first generation college student,” wrote Nearor in her scholarship application. “It’s definitely a challenge venturing into the unknown.”

Career Goals:

“Ultimately, I plan to create my own film studio and produce major entertainment in the film industry,” she said. 

Impact of Scholarship:

“I live in a low-income household,” said Nearor. “My father is not active in my life. I need financial help to pursue my dream of getting a higher education and making a difference in the world today. Despite my situation, I’m inspired by my mother who would do anything to ensure my attendance in college. The AAHA scholarship would be eliminating my financial worries, which would allow me to focus on my education and path to success.”

Living in Affordable Housing:

“All my life I have been the dependent of a single mother, who was just trying to shelter, clothe, and feed her children. I don’t know what it’s like to support four children, but I imagine it’s a tremendous job to fill on one’s own,” said Nearor. “I know from my experiences that affordable housing has been a marvelous aid to my family. In addition, affordable housing also gave me the opportunity to stay young instead of growing up too fast and getting a job while juggling school. Alternatively, I was able to get involved in my school and community.” 

In 2000, the Alabama Affordable Housing Association (AAHA) created an education scholarship program for residents of member-owned apartment properties in Alabama. The scholarship funds are donated by the owners, contractors, architects, accountants, property management companies, investors, lenders, developers, and various vendors that make up AAHA’s membership as well as other non-member individuals. Since its inception, the AAHA resident scholarship fund has awarded more than $750,000 in college and vocational scholarships.

For more information about the resident scholarship program, please contact Arrice Faught, AAHA’s executive director, at [email protected] or 205.758.1158.