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Tips for Completing Quarterly Progress Reports

October 14, 2021

Progress reports are due to AHFA for all approved projects on a quarterly basis and submitted to AHFA by the 15th of the following month.

Quarterly due dates: 
*There is a $1,500 dollar late fee for Progress Reports that are submitted late.

  • 1st: March 31st due by April 15th

  • 2nd: June 30th due by July 15th
  • 3rd: September 30th due by October 15th
  • 4th: December 31st due by January 15th

Reports must be completed electronically and submitted online through the AHFA DMS Authority Online system. Users must request access to the specific projects Progress Report in order to complete the submission if they do not already have it.

To request permission to access and/or start the Progress Report process visit

If the Progress Report is due prior to construction commencement, updated site photos are required to be submitted as assurance that no “choice limiting” activities have taken place.

Tips for Completing the Progress Report: 

  1. The online system will not allow the user to submit/finalize the Progress Report until all questions have been answered and photos uploaded.
  2. Photos cannot be uploaded until all fields are complete.
  3. (4) site photos are due along with the completed Progress Report.
  4. The DMS Authority Online system supports Google Chrome and Firefox Version.
  5. Save often while working on the report.
  6. Once the report is finalized, no changes can be made 
  7. If an error has be made once the report has been finalized the only way to correct it is to create a new Progress Report.
  8. When the online portion has been completed and the report has been finalized send a PDF copy of the report and the (4) site photos to [email protected]
  9. The Report is not considered submitted until all steps are completed including the email sent to AHFA. 

Visit for notices, updates, training and additional instructions pertaining to Progress Reports.