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AHFA's FY22 Annual Report, Creating Home, Released

January 13, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of our FY22 Annual Report and financial statements.

The disruption from the pandemic of the past three years has created significant challenges and offered important opportunities for all of us. No facet of life or industry is emerging untouched, and our work in affordable housing is no exception. Nevertheless, we achieved widespread coverage this year, helping improve housing situations for Alabama homeowners and household renters in all 67 counties.

Our 2022 Annual Report displays a gallery of portraits highlighting some of the submissions received this year in our first kids’ art contest, designed to celebrate National Homeownership Month. Their colorful entries illustrate the difference we make in communities across Alabama, both for the adults and for the young ones who get to grow up in safe, secure homes that their parents can afford. We look forward to continuing to fulfill this mission in the year ahead.

Creating Home | AHFA's FY22 Annual Report