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And the winners are ...

July 11, 2023

Carla Nedoma, 11, of Pelham

Carla’s colorful entry received the most votes in the statewide competition. She drew from her personal experience when deciding upon her design.

“Last summer my friends and I had an Icee stand in the neighborhood, which was so much fun,” said Carla. “When I saw this contest, it just reminded me of how fun it was getting all the things together, putting up signs, and seeing the happy faces on customers.“

Emma Cho, 8, of Pike Road

Emma’s entry showed her understanding of the need for budgeting and preparation when making, saving, and spending money.

“You always have to know how much earning and saving you have and plan where to spend between ‘must’ and ‘want,’” said Emma.

Makenzie Deanes, 10, of Madison 

Makenzie was a winner in AHFA’s 2022 contest as well.

“I have started learning so much about financial literacy,” said Makenzie. “Right now I am learning firsthand how important it is to budget and save money. Even though I am not old enough to own my own home yet, I know exactly what you must do to be able to purchase your dream home.“

Zijiao Wu, 9, of Madison

“My artwork is about Bud teaching us some things about investing on the chalkboard,” said Zijiao. “I made this artwork using a couple of different mediums, which are marker, watercolor, and colored pencil.“

AHFA's 2023 Kids' Art Contest drew excellent submissions from Alabama children between the ages of 5 and 12. In celebration of National Homeownership Month, we invited young artists to submit an original work illustrating a lesson in financial literacy and featuring our mascot, Bud. 

AHFA Single-Family Administrator Carrie Hamaker praised the high quality of this year’s contest submissions.

“All of the 2023 entries we received were excellent,” she said. “The children’s work is colorful and creative. Each young artist displayed a unique understanding of financial concepts that can sometimes be difficult, even for adults.”

Winners are being presented with deluxe art supply sets and Kiwi Crate activity kit subscriptions in person.

To learn more about AHFA Kids programs and financial literacy, visit