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Board Recognizes Vice Chairman Ted Watts at His Last Meeting as a Member

December 19, 2019

At its December 18 meeting, the AHFA Board of Directors recognized Ted Watts for 32 years of distinguished and outstanding service to the citizens of Alabama as a member of the Board.

Mr. Watts was first appointed in 1988 and has been reappointed four consecutive times. He will complete his last term on January 1, 2020. In 1995, Mr. Watts was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board and has been reelected as Vice Chairman annually ever since.

Mr. Watts has brought a wealth of experience and talent to the Board as a builder, including service as President of the Alabama Home Builders Association and as Chairman of the Alabama Home Builders Self Insurance Fund, and 48 years working in the home building and commercial real estate industries.

Mr. Watts has honorably served AHFA and the citizens of Alabama with dignity and integrity and has earned the respect and admiration of everyone associated with AHFA and the affordable housing industry.

AHFA commends Ted Watts for his invaluable contributions and extensive work as a member of the Board helping to increase housing opportunities for low-to-moderate income citizens in the State of Alabama.