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MAA Testimonial: Mack & Brenda Autwell, Ashville

June 30, 2022

We are honored to share heartfelt testimonies from families who benefit from our Mortgage Assistance Alabama (MAA) Program. 

The Autwells, a couple from Ashville, tell an emotional and uplifting story about how the MAA program changed their lives in a positive way. Mack and Brenda graciously revealed the devastating sequence of events that left them feeling hopeless. Here is their story in their own words. 

First, from Mack:

“My wife Brenda worked as a call representative for 40 years. In 2020, she suffered an extreme case of COVID-19 and was unable to work for months, which led to her being let go from her job. During this time, my son and older brother also tested positive with COVID-19, but sadly did not survive. 

I personally had suffered from two strokes and was unable to work due to my health issues. Needless to say, we were behind on our mortgage payments but grateful to have received a forbearance from our mortgage company for a short period of time. Then I was involved in a serious car crash, leaving me in the trauma unit for many weeks. After rehab and continuous home health care, we found ourselves overwhelmed with medical bills and were really in a state of hopelessness. 

There was nothing more that our mortgage company could do for my family, and we really had nowhere to turn. We were already contemplating a quick sell on our home until a sweet young lady from our mortgage company told me about the Mortgage Assistance Alabama Program.  

Since I am not tech savvy, my wife filled out the application. The MAA employees were extremely helpful during the whole entire application process. We are grateful for everyone’s help, especially Lily Motley, an MAA underwriter in AHFA's office, who showed such great kindness. 

Within six weeks of applying for assistance, our mortgage was paid for a year. You can’t imagine the heavy weight that was lifted from my shoulders. If it hadn’t been for AHFA and the MAA program, we would have lost our home of 24 years. I would encourage anyone struggling financially to apply for MAA because it has made such a positive impact, not only on my life, but my grandchildren’s lives as well. We are so thankful and grateful.” 

Brenda said, “I cannot let this moment pass without thanking everyone involved in helping to save our home! I never doubted our Heavenly Father and the kind and helpful people of AHFA. Due to life happenstances and my recent illness, along with having only social security and a small pension check, life has been devastating. It only took someone who cared and told us about AHFA to get us on the right track. Words cannot express the feelings we have for this wonderful organization!” 

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