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Hummingbird Landing, Andalusia

Reasons they enjoy living at Hummingbird Landing are almost endless for residents Betty Sue, Carma, Janet, Patricia and Voncile. The 56-unit development for elderly 55+ located in Andalusia opened in October 2016. 

Hummingbird Landing has one- and two-bedroom units that feature a host of amenities like a private outdoor patio or balcony, energy-efficient appliances, vinyl plank flooring, pest control, washer/dryer hookups, and special accommodations for mobility and/or sensory impaired residents. The development boasts a community library, computer room, fitness center, and laundry facility. In addition, there are elevators, walking trails throughout the grounds, a large sheltered gazebo with a picnic area and grills, and enhanced landscaping.

Carma, like the other residents, can’t name just one thing she appreciates most about living at Hummingbird Landing. Before moving in, she was living in a trailer a couple miles away that was getting older, the floor was getting soft, and electrical circuits randomly quit working. But she said the main thing that convinced her to move was, “A tornado that blew into Geneva County and killed four people in a trailer. After that I knew it was time to go.” Aside from feeling safer, Carma is happy the development is quiet and she doesn’t hear, “That boom, boom, boom from loud music and noisy neighbors.” She is also recovering from Lyme disease and likes being able to get out and walk around the property without worrying about pit bulls everywhere like she had to in her old neighborhood, something she thinks has really helped her recovery. 

For Janet, the apartment amenities and setup are real treats. She has a view of the back of the property and loves watching the birds and animals play. She said, “I also love my neighbors; they’re very good neighbors. If it wasn’t for Patricia the other week, I don’t know what I would have done. I had surgery, and I just gave her my key, and she came in and took care of a lot of things for me.” Janet adds that in addition to getting to know her fellow residents, they also keep an eye on each other to make sure they’re safe and healthy.

Patricia agreed with Janet about the setup of the apartments and great neighbors. She also said she downsized from a three-bedroom, two-bath trailer and is pleased because it’s not so much to take care of. “Both me and my family wanted me to get somewhere that I wouldn’t have to get grass cut all the time and try to take care of all the other home and yard maintenance. I’ve enjoyed not having to keep all that up,” she said.

Betty Sue’s favorite things about Hummingbird Landing include the nice amenities in the apartment. She said, “I’ve also really had fun decorating it just like I want it.” She also said she likes having an apartment near the gazebo because it has come in handy for family gatherings. She said, “My family came down for a dinner because I love to cook. Even though my apartment is big, it isn’t enough for all of my big family. So a lot of them went out to the gazebo, and they loved it out there too.”

Voncile recalled that she, “Kept coming over here before they even got the apartments up good. I just dreamed about being here.” She said she loves the neighborhood and, “There are just good neighbors here. We all love each other.” She also mentioned how spacious the apartments are, “I’ve got a one bedroom, but my bathroom is so big it could also be another bedroom!” 

Something Carma, Janet, Patricia, Betty Sue, and Voncile are all agree on is what it has meant to them to live in affordable housing. Each one is on a fixed income and has to be very careful to keep to a budget. Janet said, “Living here has just been wonderful. I’ve got a nice, beautiful place to live that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.” They all acknowledged the prices at Hummingbird Landing are very affordable and that finding it has been a blessing for them. 

Developed by husband and wife team Annamarie and Jerry Braden of The Braden Group, Hummingbird Landing joins a long list of developments they have built in what Jerry Braden calls, “Rural areas with good towns. [These developments are] something that’s really good for the community.” 

To encourage fellowship and socialization, property manager Lynn Wascom thoughtfully plans a host of activities for residents. She said, “I usually send a newsletter out at the first of the month with good general information from the company, and a calendar of what we’re going to do that month. We have birthday parties, computer classes, potluck lunches, speakers each month who present on topics of interest to the residents. Lynn said working with the residents is rewarding for her and that, “I feel like I’m not going to work. I’m going to my second home to be there for my second family.”

Hummingbird Landing was financed in part by $1.66 million in HOME funds and more than $660,000 in Housing Credits, both administered by AHFA.