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Jackson Apartments, Tuscaloosa

AHFA staff recently visited with two residents of Jackson Apartments in Tuscaloosa.

Atonya Wells had never lived in an apartment before becoming a resident at Jackson. She had rented a small house for 17 years that was quickly becoming cramped quarters for Wells and her five-year-old daughter. Watch her success story to hear how finding an apartment at Jackson has proved to be a better fit spatially and financially.

After a brief health issue, retired housekeeper Mary Moore moved from Livingston to Tuscaloosa to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Now recovered, Moore is settled into life at Jackson. Watch Moore's success story to hear her enthusiastically share a few of her favorite features of the development. 

Jackson, a two-phase development of the Tuscaloosa Housing Authority, was financed in part by Low-Income Housing Tax Credits administered by AHFA.