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Jasmine Trails, Gulf Shores

On a recent sunny summer day, AHFA staff members toured Jasmine Trails, an AHFA-financed housing development in Gulf Shores, which opened last November. The 72-unit development was financed in part by $828,342 in 2015 Housing Credits. 

Residents Joyce Swaggart and Alan Carnrike, who spoke at the development's grand opening, shared their homes and their stories with us.

Joyce Swaggart, a cancer survivor, left her previous apartment home after severe mold issues started to impact her health. Now, she is healthier and happier in her brand new unit at Jasmine Trails. She said, "I was just so grateful to be able to find this apartment. The rent was pretty much the number one factor. I'm disabled right now, and it is such a blessing to me. I have full comforts. I don't have to scrimp and save on groceries. I am able to have some money left over that I can save."

After a recent divorce, Alan Carnrike, a father of 5, found himself in need of a more affordable home for his family. He spoke on camera with us about finding that and so much more at Jasmine Trails. Check out Carnrike's story below: