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Kalvin Daffin, Louisville

For Kalvin Daffin, buying a home was part of a lifestyle change.  He says, “I believe that in life, you should always see progress and movement, and it was time for me to move forward.” Daffin had been living in his own mobile home for several years, but wanted to take that next step to purchase a house. 

A self-professed, family-oriented mama’s boy, Daffin is a native of Louisville, Alabama, and has been in the area all of his life – most of it living right by his parents. So, independence and a quiet place were tops on his wish list. His lender, Matt Houston, the branch manager of Hamilton Mortgage in Dothan, helped him along the way and introduced him to AHFA’s Step Up program. Daffin says, “When I talked to Matt, he explained that Step Up was the best route to go. It basically helped my dream come true. When I moved, I got to use my money to actually move instead of for a down payment. The Step Up program was just tremendous and a big help.” 

Daffin’s dream came true when he moved into his home in January 2016. He knows he made the right decision to buy a home and says, “I got my nice home, and I also got peace of mind in knowing I’m not working just to take care of the house. I wanted something that allowed me to live outside of making my payments, and I have that." Daffin is also satisfied with his location. He laughingly shares, “My parents are about 5-10 minutes away. I wasn’t going too far – mom still cooks for me.” 

Daffin is also thankful for the pieces that came together and made his dream of buying a home a reality. “I just couldn’t be more grateful to Matt and the Step Up program. I love the fact that this house is mine. I can do whatever I want with it, and I have something that can be passed down one day.”