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Lynn Stauch, Montgomery

For more than 27 years, Lynn and his wife Annette were dorm parents at Faulkner University. They met at Faulkner 48 years earlier and eventually married. Stauch says, “We both felt because of what the school had done for us that we wanted to give back to the school. When the opportunity arose we jumped at the chance. We knew it would be a challenge but we were up to it. Over the years it proved to be one of the best decisions we ever made. We treated the students as though they were our ‘kids.’ We were there for them, not ourselves. Over the years we laughed with them and cried with them.”

When Annette passed away in 2014, Stauch went to live with his oldest daughter and her family. He said, "They always made me feel welcome and wanted, but I felt like I needed my space and they needed theirs." That's when he began his homebuying journey and first heard about AHFA's Step Up program. 

Along the way, he and his lender, Vickie Williams at Anchor Mortgage, entered AHFA’s #LendersTakeASelfie contest in 2016. Even though they didn’t end up winning, Williams still awarded Stauch with a $1,000 cash prize, the same amount he would have received if they won the contest. Williams also shared Stauch’s unique journey with AHFA, and that’s how Stauch became AHFA’s latest Step Up Success Story.

Watch the video below to hear more of his story and his favorite things about being a new homeowner.