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McCay Senior Gardens, Oneonta

McCay Senior Gardens, which received more than $460,000 in Housing Credits and $1.3 million in HOME funds from AHFA, opened in 2016. This development represents the third of three phases of affordable housing developments in Oneonta. All three were built on land purchased from Herman and Delores McCay. Even though they had not originally planned to sell the property, Mr. McCay saw it as a way that they could play a part in providing affordable housing to the people of the community where they had lived for years. 

Phil Ellen with Paladin, the owner of McCay Senior Gardens says, “We had a great relationship with [the McCays] (who are now deceased) and named all three phases after their family. They are very proud to have their family name on the projects, and members of the family have attended every open house."

Another unique feature of McCay Senior Gardens is the first Adult Exercise Playground ever built in a housing credits property in Alabama. Ellen says, “Seniors need to stay active as a part of a balance healthy lifestyle, and we wanted to encourage our residents to get out and exercise. With that goal in mind, we worked with AHFA and designed a plan to provide outdoor equipment that would encourage them to stay active.”

The video below shows a testimonial from two residents at McCay Senior Gardens:

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