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Micah & Alyssa Long, Montgomery

“I don’t think we could have bought a house without Step Up. Alyssa was the one who brought it up to me, and in my head I’m thinking, we can’t do this. We don’t have the savings, we’re already putting so much of our money towards rent and our other bills. With us coming right out of college, we also have student loans we’re paying. It was just hard to save money up, so yeah, if it wasn’t for Step Up, I don’t see how we could have done it.”

Those are the words of Micah Long, who along with wife Alyssa, purchased their first home in June 2015. The two have been married a little over three years, and Alyssa works for a realty company while Micah does IT work for an accounting firm in downtown Montgomery. Alyssa works closely with Mary Sandlin at FBC Mortgage and first heard about Step Up through her. 

Alyssa said, “Mary made the process so easy. Since we were both new to the process we leaned heavily on her experience and our realtor. Alyssa said, “We were looking for a home that was move-in ready that would fit our life style. We enjoy having people over to our home so a space to entertain was important to us.” The larger living spaces have come in handy since Micha and Alyssa have people over at least once a week, often more than that. They participate in a bible study and their home has become the central home where the group meets. 

Micha said, “We just felt like we were throwing our money away renting, and our mortgage payment actually is much cheaper than the rent at our last place.” Alyssa said, “Owning a home has definitely brought us closer together as a couple, we love working on home projects together.” Micah agreed and said, “I take more pride in this house than when we rented, and I’m sure Alyssa does too. We love it.”