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Shanna & Joseph Seay, Fairhope

Shanna and Joseph Seay got one of the best Christmas presents ever when they signed the papers on their new home in December 2020. They had been thinking of buying a home for a long time, but as Shanna says, “The timing just never was right.” After renting an apartment for a while, they moved into a rental home, but as Shanna shares, “It was a very old home and needed lots of work, and it did not have enough space for all of us. One night we had a major leak under the sink in the kitchen, and that was it. We decided we wanted our own home and one that didn't need so many repairs.”

They started to compile a list of what they wanted in a home, and it started with more room for their family of five including children Lorna (20), Shelby (19), and Sophie (13). They also wanted to find a home in a small neighborhood so they would know their neighbors but also have privacy, as well as an energy efficient home with new appliances and a kitchen island.

Natives of Fairhope, Shanna is an office manager for a local landscaping company and Joseph is a K-9 officer for the police department. They wanted to find a home in the Fairhope area and turned to Bree Shores at FirstBank Mortgage. Shanna says, “She told us some things we needed to do to get ready. We worked hard to pay bills off and get the scores we needed.”

Even with all that hard work, the Seays were still coming up short when it came to the down payment. Shanna says, “We had saved, but we still needed more. Bree told us about the Step Up down payment program, and it was a prayer answered! She guided us through the program, and we are so glad we did it. We definitely recommend others use the Step Up program so they can achieve that dream of owning their own home too!”

Shanna says she most enjoys walking into her home and knowing it’s hers. “If I do repairs, it’s for my house not someone else's, and it’s an investment. This is my retirement and we couldn't be happier. It still feels like a dream!