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Sunrise Village, Talladega

Latynda Bentley and her son, Chilton, and daughter, Za’Ajzsa, are new residents at Sunrise Village. They moved to the Talladega area several years ago so Chilton could attend school at the Alabama School for the Blind (ASB).

Last year, their house caught on fire, and they had nowhere to go. Latynda sent her daughter to live with her grandmother while Chilton went to live in the dorms at ASB. Although he liked the experience at first because he got to socialize with friends, he soon became homesick and missed living with his mother. So she stepped up her search for a new place to call home and found Sunrise Village.

It’s a unique development that offers specialized services for vision and hearing impaired residents including working with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind to make sure residents attending their schools get back and forth to campuses, and securing an eye-scan reader for residents who are sight-impaired. The machine scans the text from their mail or any other notices and reads the text to them.

Latynda says, “Chilton has been going to ASB since he was 3 years old, and I don’t trust him going anywhere else because of his eyesight. I want him to stay in that environment and continue to learn how to be independent because they have taught him so much.” She goes on to call finding Sunrise Village a blessing and shares how happy they all are to be living there.