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Angela Meadows, Albertville

Jennifer Watson has been a resident at Angela Meadows in Albertville for the past five years. She fled an abusive relationship and moved in with her parents, who live in a house near the development. Over the years, they became friends with some of the tenants, past and present, and Jennifer began to get to know her neighbors as well. One day when she was out walking, she decided to stop in and talk with the manager, and the next thing she knew, she was filling out a lease to move in to the 48-unit development funded by more than $287,000 in Housing Credits administered by AHFA.

Jennifer, who works as a special needs aide in the local school system, has a son who is 14 years old. Landon was born with a rare medical condition that required around the clock care. In addition, he was going to the local doctor once a week and to doctors in Birmingham every two weeks. Jennifer says, “My job is less than a mile from the development. Living at Angela Meadows helped me to be the caregiver I needed to be for my son, as well as still being able to enjoy and keep my job in the special needs area.”

For the past three years, Landon has been thriving. He is part of the Albertville High School band and enjoys many of the development’s amenities and features, including a wooded area behind the development. Jennifer says, “We go there to escape and breathe in a bit of nature. We also enjoy taking walks around the property and taking advantage of the pool in the hot summer temperatures.

In the past year, Jennifer recently got married to Brandon Watson, who works as a general contractor. She says, “Our journey was a real fairytale, and Landon and I are both thankful that Brandon came into our life and has filled a void that we did not even realize was missing. Landon fell in love with Brandon just as much as I did, and he calls him Dad.”

Jennifer says they are a music loving family and also love to be outside. They enjoy living near Guntersville Stake Park and a walking trail near the Lake Guntersville. She shares, “We take advantage of hiking, fishing, eagle watching, biking, having picnics and playing bocce ball.” 

Jennifer says, “The development has been amazing for us. They offer community meals during the holidays, and the property manager does an outstanding job with games and entertainment. I am very thankful for the opportunity to live here. It gave me and my child our own space and a safe place to live, and at the same time, an opportunity to continue working and providing for a child that needed special medical attention. We have been very fortunate to live at Angela Meadows.”