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Tew family, Demopolis

Safety and space were the main things the Tews were looking for in a home. The family of four was strained for space in the trailer they owned, and they also hated leaving anytime there was bad weather. Clay had already been through a scary situation when the 2011 tornadoes destroyed part of the home he was living in and said, “In addition, the past couple of years at Christmas, we’ve had strong storms and winds coming through, and it actually took the porch off our trailer one year.” 

The Tews wanted to buy a home for the past few years and even looked at a few during that time. Then they and several of their neighbors received word that the people they rented their lot space from no longer wanted to rent the space out. They were given a short time frame to find a new place, but luckily their lender, Brock Tate with Trustmark Bank Mortgage in Tuscaloosa, told them about the Step Up program and made their search easier. 

Now the family is enjoying more space, a bigger kitchen, and being closer to their jobs. Clay also said, “The outside shed was a major plus, and we have friendly neighbors that our girls are enjoying playing outside with.” While the girls are enjoying playing with neighborhood friends, Tara has been putting her love of Pinterest to good use decorating their new home.

The Tews are grateful for the Step Up program. Tara said, “We probably wouldn’t have been able to get a home without it. The down payment assistance was really what made it happen.”