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The Way Home, AHFA's FY21 Annual Report, Released

December 22, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of our FY21 Annual Report.

Home means different things to different people. Over the years, we have interviewed homeowners and residents who have benefited from AHFA programs, and we consistently hear that home means security, comfort, and independence. These are significant ideals, and at AHFA, we take seriously our commitment to making home affordable for low- to moderate-income Alabamians, and showing them “The Way Home.”

We encourage you to explore AHFA’s FY21 accomplishments and listen to the stories of Alabamians who we’ve helped find their way home.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us by our partners, and thanks to the dedication of our staff, look forward to continued progress in the year ahead.

Click here to check out AHFA's FY21 Annual Report. The report also contains a link to our financial statements